Cheap Website Solution Can Be The Best Website Option

If you have a business, a product, service or just a lot of things that you think the world needs to know about, having a web presence is important. It has never been easier to find a home online but this also means that it is increasingly difficult to make yourself seen or heard with the level of competition.

Understandably, if you are venturing out on the web for the first time, you will not want to spend a lot of money but equally, you will likely need some support and assistance to be able to create a website that people want to visit. While not having a website is bad for a business, having a poor quality website may be even worse for your business. This is why if you are looking to make a positive first impression, you should seek assistance from website design professionals that know what you need to connect with people online.

If you have carried out a brief search online and found some high prices charged by website designers, you may feel as though you have no option to go it alone. There are some great quality websites around the world but you are unlikely to need anything that is too dazzling or exciting to please people. As long as your product, service or message is strong enough, all you need is a simple website that is appealing but not too overpowering

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Find value for money with affordable quality websites

This is where the lowcost website support provided by the team at £99 Websites can ensure you have everything you need. Being able to have an online web presence for your business or ideas for less than one hundred pound is fantastic value. The professional style of the website will ensure customers are welcomed in a professional manner and people will believe that you are a credible outfit who can be relied upon.
Planning your budget when starting out in business can be a difficult task and this is what makes the service of the £99 website service so important. When we say that the cost is £99, we mean that the cost is £99. There are no hidden fees that will mysteriously bump up the price you pay when you reach the checkout. There are no monthly fees that are hidden away only to come off your credit or debit card when you least suspect it. This service provides everything you need to have your own online presence and all for less than £100!

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The services included in your £99 website deal include:

  • - A domain name – for example
  • - 1 years’ worth of website and email hosting
  • - Up to 10 pages for your site
  • - Easy to use content management system that allows you to update your site easily
  • - An email address – for example [email protected]
  • - We will submit your site to all the major search engines, increasing the likelihood of customers finding your site
  • - Contact forms so your customers can get in touch with you
  • - A gallery or portfolio allowing you to showcase your services, location or things that you love!

All of these features are included in the £99 website package which is proof that a cheap website doesn’t have to be a low quality website. These features will provide more than enough to help you create and develop your online presence and you can rely on a professional looking site to be built for you.

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Our web design team have great experience in creating websites and we know what works. You should be looking for a sleek website that is easy for customers to use and read. You will also want to ensure that your site is constructed with SEO in mind. If this is new to you don’t worry, SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) focuses on making sure your site ranks well on search engines for relevant terms. We can provide assistance on this matter which will help to ensure that traffic comes towards your site.

If you are convinced that you have a great product or service and you just need a platform to show it to the world, a cheap yet effective website is the best way to go about. With a presence online, you can reach out to the world or just make sure you are found by local consumers looking for a great local solution. We aim to ensure you have a great looking and effective website that gives you everything you or your potential customer base could ever want.

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