A low cost website for small businesses

Do I need a website?

If you are not online, you are missing out on new and potential leads through Google. Small businesses in particular need to be visible online. To achieve this they need a website. It adds credibility and provides potential leads a window to view your business before getting in touch with you. It markets your business and answers customers questions whilst you sleep.

But, websites are expensive?

Some agencies can charge a significant amount to get small businesses online.  The cost of getting online can be expensive as some websites are complex and need a large amount of time and resources. But not all websites. Small business owners can achieve an online presence for just £99. This is a unique service for small and start up businesses. The aim is to make it easier for them to grow and add features in the future.

It must be complicated?

Not at all. Simply choose a theme / design that fits your business, give us the content and we do the rest.

How does it work?

The website is designed and branded to your business and it is mobile ready an integrated with all your social media profiles. It is Search Engine friendly which means that your customers can find you when searching for your service or product.

Is there a catch?

Nope!. No catch. We serve small businesses across the world and one thing we realised is that small business owners want a cost effective website that achieves their aims of going online. They do not always need all the bells and whistles (although if they need it, we can add it). Because of the work we’ve done with small businesses, we have built a wealth of resources and processes to allow us to offer this service at this price and include everything you need to get online.