Woman showing a non-profit website design with strong visual content

Visual Content Tips That Help You Connect with Supporters

How to draw in visitors and create a strong connection with your supporters through visual content.

If you’re looking to create long-term donors or volunteers, continue reading. We will provide clear guidance on how to do just that for your non-profit organisation by using visual content.

Before we begin, we wanted to clarify that you should always aim to connect with your supporters on an emotional level. The most important thing is to establish a strong message that resonates with your audience. It could be about helping others, improving the environment or providing education — whatever it may be, make sure it’s clear and direct. Once you know what your content will be, you should decide on the visuals and how you present this information.

As there are many important elements that you should consider, here are a few simple tips to ensure that your visuals are engaging and effective.

Use the right visuals:

Choose images and photos that relate to the story you’re trying to tell. Make sure the quality is high so that they look professional and visually appealing.

Connect Emotionally:

People respond to stories on an emotional level, so choose visuals that evoke emotion in viewers. These visuals don’t have to be complex – even something as simple as a photo of a volunteer smiling can pull viewers in.

Create Visual Consistency:

Use the same colour palette and typeface throughout your site. The colours and typeface should be the same as your brand. This applies not only to your social media posts but also to every platform you use. This way you will draw attention to your organisation and build brand recognition. Brand recognition will help existing and new supporters instantly recognise who the content was published by.

Keep it simple:

Visuals should be simple and instantly provide a clue as to what the content will be about. Use bullet points or short paragraphs when writing accompanying text so readers can easily scan the content and take away key points from it.

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