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How to Write Content That Supports Your Fundraising Goals

Tips for Creating Engaging and Impactful Non-Profit Content


Developing a content strategy to support fundraising goals is one of the most important tasks that non-profits and charities face. Charitable organizations should focus on creating engaging, informative content on both their non-profit website and social media platforms. This will help you maximize the impact of your organization’s efforts.

As such, having an effective content strategy in place is essential to your success.

Here are some tips for developing engaging & successful content:

  • Create a Hook – Start off with an attention-grabbing phrase or sentence. Provide a headline that draws readers in and encourages them to keep reading. Keep the headline short and impactful. Follow it up with an explanation as to why this topic is important and why they should care about it.
  • Make it Easy to Read – Break up long paragraphs into shorter ones with subheadings. This will allow your readers to quickly skim through the post and get the information they’re looking for.
  • Focus on Benefits – Explain why the reader should support your non-profit. Provide reasons on how it will benefit them personally or help their community as a whole.
  • Utilize Visuals – Supplement your text with compelling visuals like photos, videos, and infographics that illustrate key points and draw people in. Try to keep the size of these files low on your website so it does not affect your website’s loading speed.
  • Be Creative – Find interesting angles for stories related to your cause or new ways of presenting existing topics. For example, instead of your team telling a story, have someone you have helped tell the story. Ask them how your organisation helped and how it made them feel. Try to provide a variety of different perspectives, which in return will help you gain trust and generate more interest in your organisation.
  • Lastly, Summarise –  Mention what’s been discussed in the post, reiterate why donations are important, and provide a call to action encouraging readers to take action or donate now.
By following these tips you can create compelling content that drives engagement & encourages donations.

Give your audience a reason as to why they should donate. Aim to connect with your audience emotionally and provide a story that evokes empathy for your cause. It is also very important to share the achievements of your charity with your audience. This will help them realise that their donations create a difference which will eventually lead to more donations.


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